A round-up of the latest news, inventions and patents from ESA's Technology Directorate
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This month in ESA R&D
Air-breathing engine precooler achieves record-breaking Mach 5 performance

This achievement marks a significant milestone in its ESA-supported development of the air-breathing SABRE engine, paving the way for a revolution in space access and hypersonic flight. 

ESA leads drive into our 5G positioning future

A pair of testbed vehicles went out on the road in Germany to simulate the way we are all likely to be using 5G positioning services in the future. 
First bendable honeycomb invented

A GSTP activity based in Luxembourg has, for the first time in Europe, designed a sandwich structure material using a 3D honeycomb that can be formed more efficiently and at reduced manufacturing cost into multiple shapes. 

Oxygen and metal from lunar regolith

Samples returned from the lunar surface confirm that lunar regolith is made up of 40-45% percent oxygen by weight, its single most abundant element. 
Can citric acid be a green alternative to protecting steel?

An ESA activity evaluated the suitability of a citric acid process for replacing hazardous nitric acid in passivating typical stainless steel grades for spacecraft and ground support structures. 

Long term storage of components

As part of the MetOp Second Generation project a ESA activity is attempting to assess how mechanisms and components survive after 20 years in storage. 
More TEC news from ESA


Spotlight on an inventor

Your phone or satnav receiver routinely picks up signals from navigation satellites in order to tell you precisely where you are. But have you ever thought what happens to those satnav signals afterwards?  A foresighted ESA inventor had the idea of using them as a tool for observing the Earth... Find out more.

Innovative Concepts and New Inventions

Space-Based Architecture for GNSS Augmentation Systems

The aviation community, driver of the mission requirements for Safety-of-Life applications, is considering new and improved services (e.g. beyond Cat-I). These will demand more stringent Required Navigation Performance (RNP) parameters, including the Time-to-Alert...
Compact parallel plate waveguide geodesic lens for line sources with wide scanning range

Parallel plate waveguide geodesiclenses based on parallel curves are proposed for the design of low-profile beamformers with very wideangular scanning range.

Recently granted patents

Dosimeter System

The present invention relates to a dosimeter system for determining radiation exposure comprising a first unit 100 a second unit 200, wherein the first unit 100 comprises first detecting means 110...
Transmit power control method and terminal in a spread-spectrum unslotted random access communication system

Parallel plate waveguide geodesiclenses based on parallel curves are proposed for the design of low-profile beamformers with very wideangular scanning range...


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